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The ‘Comments’ tab;
         1)   Review and updates existing comments
         2)   Quickly identifies those elements needing comments
         3)   Adds, updates and reviews TODO related comments
         4)   One click to email all TODOs
         5)   Assign alias names to any Table/Column/ForeignKey
         6)   Enter custom attributes to be used during code generation.

This tab is where you can add and alter the documentation for all the objects in the database.                                                                                                                    Read More  

William Brewer says:
"This is where the tool gets very interesting and this tab alone makes the entire product worth-while.  It is difficult to over-emphasise the importance of providing documentation and comments for your database objects using extended properties. If you do so, then SqlTac can use a number of utilities to provide help files, Intellisense, and websites that explain your database to the team members, technical authors, configuration managers, DBAs and so on. This tab provides the quickest route to getting the job done that I’ve ever come across, simply because it is simply designed and, for this job, the SqlTac approach pays off well.".
         Time is money!
 How much are you wasting?
SqlTac provides the Answers
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