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                  Data Chain:
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The ‘Data Chain’ tab;

The main purpose of is to allow you to see all the other rows in the database which related to one or more selected rows for the selected table. 

Start by selecting a table, then by selecting one or more rows in the grid, and lastly clicking the “View Data Chain…” button.

The Data Chain Info dialog, allows you to see the Data Chain, a bread crumb of sorts of where and how many other rows in your database that are connected to the row(s) selected on the Data Chain Tab.    SqlTac allows you to see the actual records in the related tables, by selecting a row in this dialog and then right click.

SqlTac can perform a few different actions on records in the related tables.                     Read More

Possible Actions:

·                     Skip                              - Ignores the selected row and does not perform any action.

·                     Delete                           - Deletes the related rows in the table for the selected row.

·                     Set Null                         - Set the foreign column to null, eliminated the association.

·                     Set w/Replacement      - Replace the value in the foreign column with new value.

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