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The ‘Investigate’ tab;
         1)   Displays all usages for any column
         2)   Shows all unique values for any column relative to a table
         3)   Shows all TSQL statements which depend on the column.
         4)   See everything about a table and it's columns on one screen
         5)   Navigate between tables via Foreign keys
         6)   Add, edit, delete any column
         7)   Add or delete any Index, FK, PK, Trigger or Check Constraint

This tab allows you to see where, in any routine, any table column is being referenced.  It also shows you the range of values being used by that column. You can find the column you are investigating by picking it from a list or drilling down from the table.                                 Read More

William Brewer
"For this sort of utility, the Caber Computing approach pays off well. Give SqlTac a grid and the results are happy for all participants."
         Time is money!
 How much are you wasting?
SqlTac provides the Answers
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