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                  What's Up:
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The ‘What's Up’ tab; 

·         allow to see what is currently happening on your server

·         allow to see  what happened to your database

·         allow you to add your custom SQL

·         to share your custom SQL and import SQL contributed by other SqlTac users worldwide

·         see graphs and charts of the data involved.


The Custom SQL group box allows you to add, edit and delete your most frequently used custom SQL.  Your custom SQL can contain zero or more parameters.  Click on the green crystal ball to enter up to four sets of values for your parameters.  Many times you’re working on a problem and you’re interrupted with another problem.  To solved this problem click on the green crystal ball and use one of the alternate columns to enter a completely different set of parameter values.

Each custom SQL can be associated with a chart.  Both your SQL and the chart definitions are stored and reloaded the next time you start SqlTac.

This feature is very useful when testing an area of your application, which have complex interactions spanning multiple tables.                                                                               Read More

         Time is money!
 How much are you wasting?
SqlTac provides the Answers
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