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1) Provides ratings (0-100%)
    relative your database
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  • Overall
  • Schema
  • Table
  • Columns
NOTE: a 65% is not a passing grade; a passing grade is an 90%.
2) Record and maintain your
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  • Identifies items not documented with one click
  • Provides a means to easily document
  • Provides a means of recording TODOs
3) Back up your schema and
    document at the click of a
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SqlTac provides both Back-ups and Restore.
4) Developers want IntelliSense 
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SqlTac will create a data acess layer with Xml style comments which will provide IntelliSense
5) QA, Tech support want
    Help files
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SqlTac will build a .chm help file containing your documentation

A significant amount of time, brainpower and effort goes into a good database design. Important concepts and decision about the design often fail to be documented and are seldom shared with the rest of the team. So you heard there is some document, but are you able to find it? How complete is it? What specific items have not been documented? Is it in a format which is usable and desirable for various team members?.
SqlTac provides an overall rating (0-100) as to how much of your database has been documented. By simply clicking of a checkbox you will be able see the specific items needed to be documented. SqlTac does not create a separate database to store your documentation. SqlTac records your documentation, right in your SQL database. That’s right, in your database via standard SQL API. Now, your documentation will not get lost. It will get backed up whenever your database is backed up. A database designer and DBA work in SQL Server Management Studio. Your documentation entered through SqlTac is visible and modifiable in “SQL Server Management Studio. Your DBA and/or database designer should run SqlTac on any new version of the database before giving it to the Software developers. He/she should make sure all items have been documented. Additionally, SqlTac has specialized support for entering and finding TODO items. Just as a software developer can enter items to be done in .NET source code, SqlTac now brings the same useful concept to your database.
         Time is money!
 How much are you wasting?
SqlTac provides the Answers
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