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1) Check the consistency of your database 
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      Detect any orphans before you ship.
2) Validates all of Sql. Click for larger image.
  • Stored Procs
  • User Defined Functions
  • Triggers
  • Check constraints
  • Computed Columns
Sql will not only report any SQL items which will not compile, but will allow you to correct the Sql right inside of SqlTac.
3) Verify a deployed database
    against a master release 
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4) QA, Tech support want
    Help files
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SqlTac will build a chm help file containing your documentation.

From time to time, the user complains of abnormalities. The last place they check is the database consistency, structural accuracy and sql contained therein. Why? It is very time consuming, and there are very few tools available to perform this process simply and easily. Again SqlTac can be used to check consistency of data, validity of your Sql, and correctness of the version of the database deployed. This is an invaluable tool if you have to support multiple versions of your database. At times, you ship your product and database, and the user modifies the database, against your advice and the 40 warnings in the manual, then calls to complain your system does not work. SqlTac provides you with a simple tool to quickly determine what, if any, changes were made by your user.
The support staff at times needs detail documentation on the database, in searchable help files. SqlTac will produce help files for both the Support staff and Test departments.
         Time is money!
 How much are you wasting?
SqlTac provides the Answers
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