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                  LINQ To SQL: Training

     The only complete and FREE N-Tier based training examples on the web.
     Let us show you the pitfalls, and best approaches to developing an N-Tier application
     with LINQ To SQL.

            1)    Read - Basics
            2)    Read - Filter on nullable column
            3)    Read - Power of aggregation
            4)    Read - Returning Projections, Anonymous Types and Pulldowns
            5)    Read - Inner Join
            6)    Read - Cross Join and Outer Join
            7)    Execute - Stored Proc
            8)    Read - Views
            9)    Read - Associations, Eager Loading verse Loading via a Custom Class
          10)    InsertOnSubmit -- Client code which calls a Business Layer  
          11)    Update via SubmitChanges() -- Client code and Business Layer code
          12)    Update via SubmitChanges() -- Concurrency 
          13)    DeleteOnSubmit -- Client code which calls a Business Layer
          14)    DataContext and its LifeTime
          15)    Transactions

      Each piece hopefully can be viewed and digested during your lunch break.
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         Time is money!
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SqlTac provides the Answers
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