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                  Release Notes:

      Current Version: 4.7.58

    Version          Date
4.7.58 04-24-2010  
o General: Added silent mode to Upgrade-AppSettings.
o Build Tab: Now reports when a Schema is missing when building Stored Procs
4.6.58 04-03-2010  
o Build Tab: Display an error msg when encountering more than one user-defined processor.
4.5.58 03-29-2010  
o Build Tab: Failed to buid correctly in specific instances..
4.4.58 03-15-2010  
o Investigate tab failed to drop Indexes which where constraint based..
o Investigate Tab: Fixed bug: Trigger failed to display.
4.3.58 03-04-2010  
o MainForm: Added Update button - only shows when an newer version is available.
o DataTab Tab: Scipt button floated.
o Investigate Tab: Drop Column - Improved handling.
o Investigate Tab: Edit Column - Improved handling.
4.2.58 02-25-2010  
o Build Tab: Added Names checkbox.
o DataChain Tab: Add "Build Script" button.
4.1.58 02-17-2010  
o Fixed bug: At times, SqlTac could not determine Database Compatibility Level.
4.0.58 02-13-2010  
o New Release! Many new features and improved old features.
3.9.57 05-25-2009  
o Add RegEx Find for the Investigate Tab
o Fixed bug when sorting data that contained a null value
3.8.57 05-14-2009  
o Fixed miscellanous bug
3.7.57 05-03-2009  
o Improved InsertSumbitSafely / UpdateSubmitSafely methods to use Interfaces
3.6.57 05-02-2009  
o Improved handling of action which cannot be completed successfully on the Investigate tabnvestigate tab
3.5.57 04-26-2009  
o Improved handling of action which cannot be completed successfully on the Investigate tab
o Fixed bug: Build PK column based on configuration rules
o Fixed bug: At time incorrectly report columns' name which started with the table name
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