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                  Help file:

         Here are sample help files which SqlTac had Sandcastle produce.                           Read More

         Sandcastle is the tool which SqlTac uses to produce help files. 


            Sandcastle requires an input of an xml file.


         How do I get an xml file?

               .NET's compiler will produce one from your source code as long as you have added

                XML comments to your source.


         So how do I get XML style comments into my source code?

               Let SqlTac build your source code.  SqlTac will grab your comments from your Sql database

               and places them in the source code.


         Don't have any comments in your database?  SqlTac will ease the task. SqlTac will speed

         you thru this process.




         Maybe your existing database has a few missing comments.  The task of finding just those items

         is painful but with SqlTac just one click away.


         SqlTac leverages your existing tools and provides one single unified point.  No double and

         triple entries of your domain knowledge is required.

            SqlTac utilizes standard features of Microsoft SQL Server to store your domain knowledge.

         Your domain knowledge will be stored right inside of your database, so when you back up

         your database, you will be backing up your domain knowledge. 

         You never have to worry about it getting lost.


         SqlTac can be used to help disseminate this knowledge to all your development staff

         (via source code) and other non-technical individuals (via a professional looking help file).


         Time is money!
 How much are you wasting?
SqlTac provides the Answers
                                                                                     Copyright © 2006-2010 Caber Computing, Inc. All rights reserved.