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             This application was conceived after our use of Microsoft’s SqlMetal.

  What is SqlMetal
  • SqlMetal is a code generator.
  • It does a nice job of building entity classes based on your database schema.
  • It does a lack luster job of organizing the code.
  • It builds a single monstrous file which is difficult to navigate.
  • It does not preserve your domain knowledge that exists in your database.
  • It fails to associate a version number with the database.
        SqlTac replaces SqlMetal                                                               Read More
         Adds additional capabilities to streamline SQL Server-based application development.
  • Build interfaces for all classes.
  • Build Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) for all entities
  • Allows for different names spaces for Interfaces, DataContext, DTOs
  • Support build multiple DataContexts in a single passed
  • Use regular expresssions to control what is to be placed in each DataContext
  • Automated insertion of attributes for REST, Messaging, Obfusication, etc...
  • Support build multiple DataContexts in a single pass
  • Organization of the source produced, is alphabetically by Schema and Table name.
  • Provides multiple collapsible regions
  • It preserves your domain knowledge by emitting HTML style comments for:
          o   a)    Database (file header)
          o   b)    Tables (classes)
          o   c)    Columns (Member, Properties) and
          o   d)    Foreign Keys (entity sets).

        Benefits                                                                                          Read More
  • Analyze your risk associated with not capturing domain knowledge.
  • Quickly identify which pieces of domain knowledge has not been captured.
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface to support capturing your domain knowledge.
  • Builds a single SQL script for your entire database.
  • Simplifies re-creation of an entire database, not just tables and columns.
  • Leverages third party tools to build indispensable help files.
  • Supports disseminating your domain knowledge by publishing your help files to the rest of the development staff.
         Time is money!
 How much are you wasting?
SqlTac provides the Answers
                                                                                     Copyright © 2006-2010 Caber Computing, Inc. All rights reserved.