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        Will you still sleep at night after trying to answer the following questions? 
        If not, then you need to be using SqlTac!

    General Items:                                                                                           Read More
  • What percentage of your domain knowledge has been documented?
  • Can you find the existing document describing your domain knowledge?
  • What is the estimated time, for your database architect to capture your domain knowledge?
  • What will you do if the proverbial BUS hits your domain expert?
  • How many lost Man-Months will be incurred for failing to capture your domain knowledge?
        Existing database(s):
  • How many man-hours have gone into designing your database?
  • Has that extensive domain knowledge which you have spent many thousands of dollars and many man-months developing been captured?
  • Is the current documentation in a form which is accessible and easily usable by others?
  • Are there any SQL scripts to re-create your entire database?
  • Have these SQL scripts been checked-in to source control?
  • Can you tell what structural differences that were deployed in your latest version?
  • Have those changes been communicated to the rest of the development staff?
        Database(s) under development:                                                           Read More
  • A typical software project which utilizes a database will have 30 or more sets of changes in the first 3 months.
  • Are code changes coordinated with the database schema changes?
  • Are any of the changes checked-in to source control?
  • Are the schema changes associated with a version number?
  • How do you communicate these changes to the rest of the development staff?
  • Can developers quickly and easily create an empty database for testing purposes?
  • How much time do your developers spend creating databases for unit testing?
         Time is money!
 How much are you wasting?
SqlTac provides the Answers
                                                                                     Copyright © 2006-2010 Caber Computing, Inc. All rights reserved.